What is an App Builder and How does it Work?

What is an App Builder and How does it Work?

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An app builder is an online mobile development tool that lets the user bypass the generic mobile app development process and gets the mobile app developed within a short period of time. The interesting part is that it cuts down the time duration of the app development to a whole new level. Normally, a mobile app development process takes weeks. From ideation to wireframing, interface designing to user-experience analysis, testing to finalizing, it involves a hefty process behind a simple mobile app.

Now, when these app builders are cutting down the time duration, cost, and headache for a lot of app development customers, there are definitely some strings attached to it.

It works quite simply. Someone who doesn’t know a single code of programming can produce the mobile app using the app builder. The reason is that it only requires the type of app, features, user-access format, and other important things. It looks like filling up an online form where you can choose and ignore the options to get the final product ready.

We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of the app builders.

Pros of App Builders

  1. The customer gets the access to the app after a short period of time. Because the process is mostly based on the selection of the features and finally downloading the file.
  2. Anyone without the programming knowledge can launch an app without knowing a single line of coding.
  3. One of the perks of using the app builder is the affordability and cost-effective solution. The cost of building an app through an app builder is unbelievably low. Normally, the app development may cost between $1000 to $5000, whereas you may find an app builder that makes your app within $500.
  4. There are a number of online app building tools available, which makes it quite easy to pick the recommended and well-reputed app builder.
  5. A lot of app builders offer mobile app building for all three major mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Cons of App Builders

  1. You can only create generic mobile apps using the app builder. There is always a list of mobile app types to select from.
  2. The interface, however, seems very ordinary as compared to the latest mobile apps. Especially the graphics, coloring, and fonts are average.
  3. One can’t do much innovation with the mobile app features since there are a select number of features to add to your app.
  4. One of the disadvantages of using the app builder is that your app may look like hundreds of similar apps out there.
  5. The user-experience of the apps developed using the app builders has nothing special to offer.


App builders couldn’t be useful if you’re pursuing a high-profile mobile app. In case, you want to develop a mobile app alongside your online store, then you may want to develop a customized mobile app. Because an app builder may not be able to provide you customized features.

The purpose of sharing this facility of app builder is that you must know the availability of this option. However, a lot of mobile developers and marketing experts don’t recommend using the mobile app builders. Because there is no room for innovation in the app developed through an app builder. You can hardly display text, pictures, logo, and RSS-based blog posts into the app.

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