Restaurant App


A dedicated restaurant mobile app should serve as a digital extension of your restaurant…

Allowing customers to engage with your restaurants from anywhere. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, offering easy-to-use mobile ordering and a fully-optimized digital restaurant experience will increase customer lifetime value and your business’ profitability.

CitrusBits has built mobile apps for restaurant and meal delivery businesses such as Burger King, Urban Plates, Zen Classics, and Nomme (acquired by DoorDash). Our extensive experience encompasses all aspects of a best-of-breed digital restaurant experience, including the following:

What We Offer

CitrusBits specializes in the end-to-end creation of custom mobile restaurant experiences, which can encompass the following restaurant app development capabilities.

Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering
Options for Pickup, Delivery, Dine-in
Curbside Pickup or Contactless Delivery
Geolocation & Geofencing
Menu System
Flexible Order Customization
Favorite Items
Order History, Recent Orders

Backend Development

POS Integration/Development
Payments Integration
Delivery/Logistics Integration/Development
Loyalty Program Integration/Development
Web Admin/CMS Development
User Data Privacy and Security

Guest Engagement

Award-winning UI/UX Design
Customizable Push Notifications
Augmented Reality (AR)
Loyalty & Rewards

Our Expertise

Online Ordering




Delivery Technology

Uber Eats

Payment Integration

Apple Pay
Google Pay
Bank of America Merchant services
ACH Solutions
Digital wallets



Our Work

Reasons why your restaurant needs a mobile app

70 percent of customers prefer to order using a restaurant app or a website over a third-party app. Meanwhile, 52 percent of Americans rely more on a restaurant’s website or app in comparison to other outlets. (Source: QSR magazine)

Customers have taken an astute bias towards their mobile devices – using it for almost everything, from paying bills and online shopping to ordering their food!

Mobile apps are a one-stop solution and smartphones are a digital replica of our real world and customers want everything within this digital space. And in a highly digitized world it will help restaurateurs like yourself cater to as well as engage with your customers.

A restaurant mobile app acts as a digital outlet for restauranteurs to connect with customers and grow marketing channels but also makes it convenient for the customers to access menus, order and book reservations, find information on working hours, delivery options, etc. all in a tap.

Why you need to upgrade your existing restaurant mobile app

When was the last time you upgraded your restaurant mobile app? Does your restaurant app lack a better-looking and feel-good UX or is it one of the following features?

Let’s upgrade your restaurant mobile app.

  • Mobile Payments & POS Integration
  • Mobile Loyalty Program
  • Online Ordering
  • Advocacy Rewards (Word-of-Mouth Marketing)
  • Gamification
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation
  • GPS Integration

CitrusBits upgraded Burger King’s app that resulted in 400,000 monthly user acquisitions, 1.3 million monthly engagements, and a 1000% ROI. From averaging one and two star reviews, the Burger King App went to an impressive 4.5 star average rating over millions of users within the six months following its launch.

How a mobile app can help your restaurant business

A research by Ohio State University reveals that:

  • 60% of restaurant startups fail during the first year of operation
  • 80% of restaurants go bankrupt within five years of opening-up

Investing in a restaurant mobile app can help you avoid failure and provide your restaurant business with more security – opening it to a wide range of customers.

It’s simple – more customers mean more engagement and more engagement means more ROI!

All the major QSR brands like Burger King and Starbucks are using mobile apps to stay on top of their game with creative stunts blended with rewards and promotions. For instance, Burger King raised the bar for its marketing by encouraging the use of its app with unique offers. It experienced a meteoric rise in its restaurant app’s downloads as well as its sales.

Starbucks gets 40% of its total sales from its app. It’s amazing rewards program and features, keep its regulars loyal.

A restaurant mobile app will help you garner loyal customers. People will likely use a restaurant app they downloaded.

How much does it cost to create a mobile app for a restaurant

Why don’t you get a rough estimate with our Mobile App Cost Calculator or get a free quote or consultation