Create Email Marketing for Launching Mobile Apps

Create Email Marketing for Launching Mobile Apps

Nowadays, mobile apps can be very advantageous and useful for different industries like tourism, communications or transports. The key of success for every mobile app is different and it depends on many factors. However, we can assure that creating email marketing for launching mobile apps is one of the most advisable actions in order to achieve users and profitability.

Unfortunately, it´s impossible to find devices with unlimited space, so it´s necessary to choose who app is which to download or avoid. How can we convince users of download our app instead of another one? That question is not easy to respond , however, we can definitely suggest you one thing: create email marketing for launching mobile apps.

Complete Step-by-Step Guide To Launch a Mobile App

1: Why is so important an email marketing strategy for launching mobile apps?

important an email marketing strategy for launching mobile apps

Many people use to develop apps or websites ignoring that marketing strategies are tremendous important. There are hundreds of thousands of competitors in the market, so new apps must be, first of all, outstanding.

If we want to give prominence to our app we must create marketing campaigns to get to know it and show its functions for our target audience. Marketing campaigns have to be based on the combination of two tools: promotion and ASO positioning.

Promotion can be made using: adwords, display, remarketing, advertising on social media etc. The main problem is that those actions of promotion are very expensive, but using an email marketing strategy is always beneficial.

There are many benefits of email marketing campaigns for mobile apps such us:

  • Branding: for developing brand identity
  • Acquisition: to acquire new prospects and customers
  • Engagement: to generate  user´s compromise
  • Conversion: to gain user´s confidence and convert their leads into downloads or buyers.
  • Cost- effectiveness: email marketing is less expensive than advertising on social media and different platforms.
  • Easy management: email marketing campaigns can be fast to develop and reach a great number of people.
  • Accessibility: many users can read emails using different devices.
  • Measureable: email marketing campaigns are easy to track. Email marketing software, such us Mailrelay, can allow you to know who opens, click- through and conversion rates. Those aspects make simple to spot how any email marketing campaign can be improved.” The majority of the changes can be made immediately, while print or broadcast advertising need more time.
  • Creative and personalized: it´s easy to create email campaigns attractive and

personalized with fancy templates, videos, images and logos. The content of an email is the most important thing, rather than design but we need to take of every little detail.

2: Aspects to take into consideration when we create email marketing campaigns

consideration when we create email marketing campaigns

There are two important aspects that we must practice in email marketing campaigns. Firstly, we must always use the addressee´s name because it shows that we are preoccupied about our users or clients. And, secondly, we must always provide interesting and useful content for our addressees. If we don´t provide good content, we will not be able to engage users or succeed in building long and strong relationships with customers. Besides that, there are other actions to obtain good results in our email marketing strategies

2.1 Build a quality email marketing database

The main purpose of email marketing for launching mobile apps is engaging users to download our app and become loyal to our brand. But firstly we need to know exactly who is our target audience, if we don´t want to waste time and money. The most important information that we must obtain is the email address using: contact forms, pop-ups of quick subscription, landing page or widgets on the sidebar.

In order to attract users, it´s very advisable to use:  social media, Adwords campaigns and off-line actions.

Although we are announcing a mobile app, is very convenient align our email message with a website landing page. Users frequently want to get more information and visit app´s websites.

Remember to optimize the landing page or website for mobile users, this could seem obvious but many companies forget it.

2.2 Content and templates for email marketing

Many of the most successful email campaigns use simple plaint text emails and templates, because is the content what drives users to action. The first thing that users pay attention is the “subject lines”. It´s very important to convey value in our subject lines, because users tend to have a quick look of their emails before opening them. The first step that everybody does with an email is to look the subject line and decide if the content is relevant or not.

Personalization of content is one of the most effective ways to keep users opening and engaging with our emails. The content of our emails must be well written and organized, including calls to action. Make sure that users can easily spot those calls to actions and the button copy motivates clicks.

It´s very advisable that our content can be easy to share . Users love sending deals, news and offers to their friends at the click of a button.  If users love our app they can help us to introduce it to a new market. Due to the immediacy of email, we can see results within hours of its emails being sent and make changes, if they are necessary.  If we always provide clear and concise content we will have success in email marketing campaigns.

Obviously, when we are creating content for emails that informs about apps, many of those email will be read on mobile devices. It means that our message could be viewing on a small screen and our readers are also most likely on the got. Because of that space and time are important considerations when we are designing our email content.

2.3 Mobile web hosting

A good hosting is vital to the success of any mobile application. Without it, we can´t provide any kind of service to our users. The increase of internet searches done on a mobile device makes that it´s extremely important to choose an efficient mobile web hosting.

2.4 Design a calendar and automate emails

Every kind of marketing strategy needs a calendar to know exactly which actions must be taken.  When we are launching a mobile application, firstly, we must think of the day when we want to start our email campaign. After the launch of our app, we can continue use email marketing and it´s useful to make a list of:

-Days for creating newsletters or automatic emails.

-Days for sending newsletters or automatic emails.

-Days for analyzing results and the effectiveness of our actions.

-Days for making changes.

It´s important to know the difference between newsletters , which provide information the majority of the time, and automatic emails. An automatic email is set up only once to users who meet a certain trigger. On of example of this, is when users downloads apps and they received an email saying “welcome and thanks for your download”.  Those emails makes a very good impression on users about our mobile app and we don´t have to spend time writing them.

The automation of emails helps us to create more relevant and personalized campaigns. Some examples of marketing automation features are: A/B testing, personalization or dynamic content. All of them can increase email engagement and customer satisfaction.

2.5 Email marketing metrics and results

When we send email marketing campaigns we must look at our reporting to see what´s working and what could be improved. The only way to know it is analyzing email data.

Email is always a marketing channel which needs to be tracking and optimizing to ensure the best possible results. There are many metrics but we´ll explain six and how we can use them to improve our email marketing campaigns.

-Total opens to date: this metric means the total number of times our email was opened by our addressees. For example, if we send our email for launching our app to three people and they read our email twice, the total opens to date will be six.

-Unique opens: it doesn´t count repeat opens from a single recipient , so if we sent emails to four different people and only two of them opened it a total of four times, it would still show up as two unique opens. Knowing the number of email opens is a good measure of how successful is our subject lines that we previously explained in this article. Probably, our subject lines are convincing our target audience to open our email. When we see that our open rates are falling, it´s high time to make changes like using different subject lines formulas or words.

-Bounce rate: the bounce data tells us the total number of people who did not receive the campaign because the email bounced. Many experts assure that the bounced rate is the most important metric to monitor after we´ve sent an email.

-Clicked a link:  this data tells us what percentage of people who opened our email and went to click a link. We can know exactly what links were clicked and who clicked them using specific tools. Using all this information we can figure out what content is more interesting for people, calls to action etc.

-Unsubscribed data: this metric tells the number of people who clicked the unsubscribe link in the campaign. It´s very useful to know it and analyze possible reasons.

-Conversion rate:  after we know all the metrics that previously have read, we must know the number of people who opened our email and download our app. It will help us to see the success of our email marketing campaign, think about improvements and changes.

3. What can we use to create great email marketing campaigns?

If we want to send thousands of emails, there are many platforms where we can obtain mailing software free and interesting deals. Make sure what you really need for launching your mobile app and which companies can provide you the best service.

Mailing companies should include proprietary technology to track subscriber views and clicks in our newsletters and automatic emails. It´s important to have access to information such users location, browsers, mails, clients, operational systems and more.

Many companies can prepare professional newsletters so, there is no need you to learn HTML and you can save a lot of time.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and be an expert creating email marketing for launching mobile apps.

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