How to Leverage the Mobile App for Scalability

How to Leverage the Mobile App for Scalability

Adam Grant shared loads of great examples in his book ‘Give and Take‘. In this book, Adam described that how Givers, Takers, and Matchers operate in this world.

One of them was his little experiment at three different eye care offices. He goes into the first one and a sales representative comes over to assist and he starts buttering him up and he tries one of the shades and shows his concern about the price, the sales representative confidently confirms that they’re worth it. He didn’t stop there, in fact, he added that the designer must have had a winning face like his in mind while designing the shades. He got suspicious right after that.

He goes to the second store, and he meets a salesperson who offers him to replace the frame for free if he switches over to them for an eye examination.

Then he goes to the third clinic, and there he meets another salesperson named Kildare Escoto. He got a little interested towards the attitude of the Kildare when he calls him ‘sir’ —- because both were the same age. Later on, he senses that this man is different and he speaks so gently. His caring approach wasn’t salesy at all which attracted him. He blows his cover and explains that what happened at last two clinics.

Then, Kildare (the third salesperson) explains his approach. He said, “I don’t look at it as selling. I myself as an optician. We’re in the medical field first, retail second, sales maybe third. My Job is to take the patients and ask them questions and see what they need. My true concern, in the long run, is that the patient can see.”

The author happily placed Kildare in the ‘Givers’ box.

This story reminded me of IrisVision. IrisVision is a state-of-the-art software solution for the low vision patients which uses today’s GearVR technology to provide the exceptional visual solution that hasn’t been provided before. The next thing came to my mind was IrisVision’s technology that does a life-changing job for the ones who were deprived of this basic need.

Later on, the book’s author also revealed that Kildare Escoto was the top salesperson at the eye clinic. In fact, he was bringing in more than twice in sales as compared to the other members of the team. The author hinted that he was a ‘Giver’, and therefore, he had those traits that differentiate ‘Givers’ from the others.

Similarly, IrisVision could do wonders for the people who wish to get their eyesight back. This scientifically proven software-based technology along with Samsung GearVR gadget is a complete toolkit that is developed by the experts of the industries to provide low vision and visually impaired patients with something that hasn’t been provided with an ease and in a cost-effective way. This technology is aimed to push the visual boundaries to an extent that opens up more possibilities for the human kind. The team behind IrisVision is envisioned to keep bringing us the innovation of the disruptive nature.