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You can’t create a budget for your app without a rough estimation of all the features it will have or the platform you want it built for. So, let’s make that happen. Let’s walk you through our app development cost calculator, with process laid out in a stepwise manner. Should you get confused as to what platform, design or features your app must have, the below mentioned in detail steps should help sort it out. All estimates will give you a rough idea of what exactly it will take to develop your app.


Choose a Platform

Which platform should you build for? Such a mind-wrenching question! Well, it doesn’t have to be. The platform you choose largely depends on your user base, business model and product goals.

Each platform has some strong points, so pick a platform that aligns well with the aforementioned.

iOS: If your user base is largely the people who prefer Apple products over Android then this is your go-to-platform.

Android: With an Android platform, you have the prerogative of a larger and wider marketplace to launch your application.

Web apps: Internet-based, these apps are easier to maintain and self-update, without the need for user intervention.

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Interested in developing an app from scratch? Let’s transform an idea into an actionable mobile app strategy; design and development planning and execution. If you’re looking to enhance an already existing application with additional features, we can walk you through and help estimate the cost. Or is it something as simple as taking your MVP to next level? Keep navigating and clicking ahead with our mobile app cost estimator!

Cost from Scratch



App development cost depends on how complex an app is. The complex your app’s design is, the costlier it will be.

Bare Bones – Low on Budget: Building an MVP will help you minimize project resources meaning lower costs and  maximize the overall efficiency.

Minimal Design: Simple apps with regular basic designs; requires lower budget and fewer graphical elements.

WOW Design: Albeit, heavier on your pocket, the WOW design involves complex and advanced features like customized user interface, geo-location and social media integration.

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The devil is in the details, now, enhance the consistency and interactivity of your app with additional design elements mentioned below.

App icon Design: A crucial requirement – it represents your app and helps with promotion in App Store and Google Play.

Splash Screens: Tried-and-true feature, a splash screen appears when a user opens an app. It includes a logo and company name etc.

Animations: When used properly, UI animations help reduce cognitive load, and attract and direct users’ attention.

Responsive Design: A GUI design that adjusts smoothly to different screen sizes.

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Leverage the power of user-generated content to increase traffic and conversion rates. The below mentioned elements are great tools.


Reviews help create trust, increase traffic, build dependability, and increase conversion rates.


This feature helps get rid of unwanted content, curates user content and redirects it to more effective locations.


A personalized activity feed featuring tailored content and interactive real-time networking is likely to enhance user engagement.


In a nutshell, It’s a visual display containing personal data of a specific user.



All in all, user engagement is all the ways the potential users can interact with your app. The more users interact with your app, the more valuable and loyal they become.

PUSH NOTIFICATION:  Push notifications help enrich the user experience, increase engagement, acquisition, and retention.

SOCIAL LOGINS: This feature will allow the users a single sign-on using via their social network logins like Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

REMINDERS: Reminders are designed to alert the users of important events or updates.

GAMIFICATION: Turn real-world boring activities into a game to motivate users to finish it.

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The location-based mobile apps are currently trending in the market. This feature creates a seamless connection between the user’s hand device and the satellite to gathering data in real time.

NAVIGATION: This feature will allow users to navigate around, in, and out of different types of content bits within your app.

MAPS: This feature helps detect and stream location data to a live map adhering a smooth check on location updates as they vary in the real world.

GEOFENCING: This feature will provide you the location of the respective app users within a selected area.

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Keep your users happy with extended mobile app support. Consider adding state-of-the-art features like offline support and cloud syncing.

OFFLINE SUPPORT : A crucial feature of the present day apps. It lets the apps function  without a network connection.

CLOUD SYNCING: This will allow your users to backup files from phones, camera or SD cards to cloud and keep the files updated.

INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT: Have you considered your app’s infrastructure in terms of storage, compute, networking and security yet?

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How are you going to secure your app and prevent a range of threats? Analyze each component provided below to determine which security measures are appropriate for your app.

ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATION: This ensures that communication isn’t hijacked and that the sensitive data isn’t exfiltrated in case of a breach or theft.

TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA): Hereby, the user will provide two different authentication factors for verification.

BASIC SECURITY FEATURES: Would you want basic security features like SSL encryption, integrity checks and a sandbox added to your app?

COMPLETE PROTECTION: Or get complete protection deployed to secure your app against imminent threats.

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How will you make a buck from your app without asking for it from the users. Have you considered which method you’re going to opt for?

ADS: Users generally shy away from buying apps, which is why it is wise to go for in-app advertising for monetizing your app.

SHOPPING CART: This is a must-have feature if your app is facilitating purchase of a product or service.

IN-APP PURCHASES: Do you want to charge users for using this app? A subscription fee perhaps?

MOBILE PAYMENTS: Or get features like mobile wallet technology and mobile money transfers integrated in your app.

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Have you got any other features in your mind? Certain features like audio and video streaming to enhance the user experience

AUDIO/VIDEO STREAMING: Does your app require an audio and video streaming feature? Sharing content via audio and video streaming is one of the most golden ways to do it.

DEVICE SENSORS: Devices have built-in sensors that collect data in real-time and provide to your app. Do you want to add sensor support to you apps?

ANALYTICS: This feature will help optimise your app, analyse its performance and monitor the users’ behaviour towards it. Do you think it’s a must-have for your app?

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Features like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), or blockchain? Over the past few years, mobile devices and applications have evolved with new trends. Your app will stand a better chance against your competitor’s app with these trending technologies as they have got the centre-stage in the market.

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