Augmented Reality


Our AR/VR Work

The AR market is expected to grow to $198 billion by 2025, according to Statista.

As one of the few mobile app agencies with proven AR app development expertise, CitrusBits helps startups and seasoned businesses create eye-popping AR experiences to delight, engage, and grow their user bases.

What We Offer

Our end-to-end augmented reality development services include everything from 3D modeling/animation and computer vision to spatial audio and frontend/backend development.

AR/VR Development

Frontend & backend development
iOS & Android development
Web AR
3D space interaction
Physics based interactions
AI personas for NPC characters
VR/AR headset firmware development

Computer Vision

3D asset visualization
Image positional tracking
Responsive tracking for images/objects
Plane recognition
Facial recognition
State analysis

3D Modeling & Animation

Photorealistic modeling
Character animation & modeling
1-to-1 object replication
Scene modeling
Particle effects and filters
Immersive content overlays
Superimposed AR content

Our Expertise

Native Development

Android (Java/Kotlin)
iOS (Swift/Objective C)

Hybrid Development

React Native

Frontend Development


Game Development


Augmented Reality

8th Wall

Video Streaming/Calling


Real Time Messaging
Graph QL Subscriptions

Social Media Applications

Graph Database

Cloud Deployment

Amazon AWS
MS Azure
Hybrid Deployment

Virtual Reality

HTC Vive
Oculus Rift
Samsung Odyssey
Windows Mixed Reality (WMR)

AR App Development

As a top-rated AR app development company, CitrusBits has worked with dozens of beloved enterprise brands and savvy startups alike to bring augmented reality experiences and AR-based apps to life.

Why Your Business Needs an Augmented Reality App Solution

Many renowned industry names like Ikea, Sephora, Nike, Home Depot, and Wayfair to name a few have built augmented reality mobile apps to stay ahead of the competition and meet their customers’ evolving needs.

As AR has become a mainstream technology, the realm of possibilities has opened up for companies looking to drive significant business impact using AR. Industry tech giants such as Apple, Google, Unity, and Facebook are investing heavily in new AR features and functionalities, unlocking a plethora of new and exciting use cases for augmented reality.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs an AR App Solution

  • Businesses can leverage augmented reality apps and other AR solutions to boost their sales, engage customers, increase brand awareness, establish a loyal customer base, and connect with targeted audiences by closing the gap between imagination and reality. 
  • With AR, businesses can train their employees or support them through complex exercises in the field (such as in an operating room or when repairing industrial machinery, for example). 
  • Augmented reality helps consumers visualize new products in an engaging and tactile way, increasing the likelihood of the purchase. By leveraging AR for your business, you can increase your customer’s confidence in your product and ultimately your brand.
  • Augmented reality apps help enrich user-product interaction, enhancing the overall customer experience and strengthening your brand’s relationship with each user/customer.

As one of the top AR app development companies, CitrusBits helps businesses and startups create AR solutions of all types.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an AR App?

As with other mobile apps, AR app development costs can vary quite a bit depending on the features you add to your augmented reality app or the sophistication of the content (such as 3D models, animations, particle effects, etc.) you’d like to implement. A basic design with fewer essential features will likely incur fewer expenses compared to an advanced app with deep AR-based interactions and thousands of individual activations.

If you’ve got an AR app idea brewing, we invite you to contact us to discuss your project requirements and obtain a quote for our custom AR app development services.  

Why CitrusBits?

As an AR app development company, CitrusBits has designed and developed critical augmented reality mobile app solutions for both startups and enterprises, including Dupont and Zoetis. Take a look at our complete portfolio here.