AR/VR News Roundup MAY 2018

AR/VR News Roundup MAY 2018

Christmas came early for VIVE FANS, As HTC introduces new updates to their VIVE FOCUS VR HEADSET

HTC displayed the new Update for HTC VIVE Focus system (Update 2.0). It adds some really exciting features to the headset. Also, the new companion app for HTC smartphones will bring the smartphone-to-headset functions to the Vive Focus. RoadToVR

AR glasses taking over business routines

Large and small businesses are increasingly starting to supply augmented reality (AR) and smart glass devices for their employees, or at the very least, find ways to do so. Low Vision Aids

Toshiba’s future IT landscape survey stated that 82 % of enterprises predicted that Augmented Reality smart glasses are expected to be used by their businesses in the next three years. CBR Online

Vuzix smart glasses flourish and grow

The Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses are enjoying paramount amounts of sales. In a recent report by Vuzix, sales have increased 101% year-over-year. These sales don’t just amount to Vuzix, they are also helped by the preorders of Toshiba & Blade glasses for Vuzix-developed Windows-based smart glasses. Macular Degeneration Glasses

In their recent report, it showed a 30% year-over-year increase (first quarter) in revenue with the figure $1.5M. The first quarter of the previous year yielded $1.2 million, Comparing both quarters only, it’s a 28% increase. VR Focus

Experience the PGA Tour in augmented and virtual reality

The PGA (Professional Golfers Association) TOUR is once again presenting its fans with an opportunity to experience the Memorial Tournament in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Three holes of this week’s Memorial Tournament will be presented Nationwide by broadcast in virtual and augmented reality. PGA Tour 

Low Vision Glasses

Facebook messenger is going AR

On Tuesday, Facebook launched an Augmented Reality feature for their Messenger app, which will allow shoppers to be able to visualize and potentially test out various products that different advertisers have made available out there. Reuters 

esight competitor

DigiLens capitalizes on a mountain of funding for their AR displays

DigiLens, manufacturer of augmented reality display, announced that they have successfully raised around $25 million of a Series C round from Continental, an automotive parts manufacturing giant. Techcrunch 

Products for Visually Impaired

Google plans to take AR to a whole new level with a new AR headset

They have been planning a standalone headset named ‘A65’. The headset is expected to have camera sensors and microphones allowing users to operate the HMD through the Google Assistant.

“The headset is supposedly based on a custom quad-core IoT (internet-of-things) focused Qualcomm QSC603. It is also expected to support a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 and possess a video capture of 1080p by 1030p. With 3D overlays, rendering interfaces, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS and the Android neural networks application programming interface (API) in it’s list of bucket as well. EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes 

Electronic Glasses for Visually Impaired

Kopin launches new smart glasses for fitness enthusiasts

Kopin has launched its latest Solos smart glasses for people who like to jog, go cycling and tri athletes or physically active people in general.

Kopin is a Massachusetts-based business. They have initiated a new Solos division for launching their AR smart glasses for people in sports and fitness. The glasses have the ability to inform and inspire athletes and fitness experts and help them reach their full potential. Venture Beat

Experience a museum tour in VR with the BBC civilizations app

The BBC civilizations app is an astonishing virtual exhibition catering to over 30 historic artifacts curated by the BBC.

The artifacts present high detail as they have been 3D scanned in high resolution. Selected from 30 different museums, they have quite an impressive collection. EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes

Google brings AR to multiplayer action

Google intends to bring multiplayer AR to iOS and Android devices with its new Cloud Anchors tool. Cloud Anchors is a tool for matching up users’ AR experiences with each other in real time.

Multiplayer has been and still is one of the huge limitations of early smartphone-based AR platforms. The Virtual Reality Executive, Nathan Martz announced at the Google I/O, “With Cloud Anchors, we actually allow multiple devices to generate a shared, synchronized understanding of the world so that multiple phones can see and interact with the exact same digital content in the same place at the same time.” Techcrunch

Apple rumored to take Augmented Reality endeavors up a notch

Apple has been reportedly working on several AR products, such as their digital glasses. These glasses can wirelessly connect to an iPhone and beam content like movies, maps and a lot more to the person wearing them.

In light of this, Apple has created a team by combining the strengths of different hardware and software experts well versed with Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Headed by the former Dolby Laboratories executive, this group includes of engineers who worked on the Oculus and HoloLens VR headsets, which were sold by Facebook and Microsoft. The group also contains digital-effects wizards from Hollywood.

Apple has also been seen to acquire several small firms with working knowledge of AR hardware and 3D gaming. EconomicTimes.IndiaTimes

ARStudio and Free 3D models, A Facebook & Sketchfab collaboraion

Facebook partners with Sketchfab to bring free 3D models to AR Studio, their desktop app that developers can use to create AR content. Venture Beat

Build AR, VR and 3D apps with Amazon Sumerian

Amazon Sumerian, a platform for building AR, VR and 3D apps, is now open to all.

AWS displayed a new product called Amazon Sumerian, last November. It is a toolkit and a platform for developers to build “mixed reality apps”. The term mixed reality means using virtual reality and augmented reality and 3D in combination. Developers will be able to use it Amazon Sumerian without requiring any specialized programming or graphics skills. They have successfully tested the service in a private beta test for the last several months. In light of those results, the AWS Sumerian is now generally available. Techcrunch

Facebook AR camera effects on Instagram

The AR platform on Facebook has been limited to Facebook for quite some time now. To break this barrier and reach an audience more devoted to photo-sharing, Facebook has launched it’s AR platform on Instagram.

The AR camera effects platform will also allow users to experiment with different filters, directly from stories of their friends. So, if they see something they haven’t seen before, they can easily see who made it and then follow that account. Techcrunch

Travel with NASA to mars with Augmented Reality

New York times is publishing NASA’s latest mission to mars in Augmented Reality. The mission is the journey of the “InSight” spacecraft, which is heading to Mars to listen for marsquakes and study the planet’s structure. NY Times

Enjoy the Star Wars action with a buddy using Disney’s AR headset

Disney’s Star Wars AR headset now caters to two-player light saber duels.
Disney teamed up with Lenovo last year to make a Star Wars-themed Augmented Reality headset toy, the Star Wars Jedi Challenges, which uses a smartphone to project holograms to allow the users to do battle in an augmented reality environment. CNET

Google is introducing augmented reality support for Instant Apps

It has been two years since Google launched Instant Apps – a Google Play feature that enables users to try an app without downloading it. At the annual I/O developer’s conference, Google announced that Instant Apps will soon be supporting ARCore, which will allow users to interact with AR apps without actually having to download them. The Verge

HTC Vive Focus users are in for big upgrades

At the Vive Ecosystem Conference, HTC announced a number of new updates to its platform.  Vive Focus owners will be able to connect wirelessly to their PC to stream VR games from Steam, Viveport etc.  Whether the performance is affected or not, being connected wirelessly, is yet to be decided, but playing without wires is a huge update and something all Vive owners are going to love. Wareable

Qualcomm’s latest wearable chip might help bring eye tracking to AR glasses

Qualcomm is known to create top quality chips. They have been rumored to be preparing a new wearable chip that would power the next generation of smartwatches.

This is according to German outlet WinFuture, who suggested that the upcoming chip is expected to be used for augmented reality glasses. Wareable

Vancouver is going big on VR/AR

Vancouver’s technology pool of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology is growing to the extent that the city is attracting international attention. For starters, South Korean firms are beginning to explore the AR/VR potential in Vancouver in order to form a deeper partnership. BIV

Ubisoft’s VR Thriller Transference Is Coming To E3 2018

Transference – a VR game featuring Elijah Woods of the Lord of the Rings Series, was easily the most interesting game of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2017. Introduced by Ubisoft, it has been missing in action since then, even after doing so well.
However, in the Ubisoft E3 press conference this year, they confirmed the game is set to make a return with a teaser video. Up Load VR

VR will now feel easy on the eyes

Researchers have garnered natural eye movements to make the Virtual Reality experience more comfortable for users.

A group of computer scientists have addressed one of the major challenges in VR. This is said to greatly improve user experience, enabling users for an immersive virtual experience while being physically limited to one’s actual, real-world space. Science Daily

A million Oculus Go units ready to set sail

A Super Data report suggested that 1.8 million Oculus Go units will be shipped this year.
According to the quarterly cross-reality report of the market intelligence firm on VR, AR, and MR, it was stated that scene forecasts of 2018 shipments of 1.81 million for the newly-launched $200 device by Facebook, the Oculus Go. Games Industry

Samsung’s Latest Gear VR headset available on discount

The most latest version of Samsung’s Gear VR headset which also comes with the controller is available on discount on Amazon. The price dropped down from $129.99 to $90.51. This makes it a prime time to pick one up if you are looking to buy a good Virtual Reality headset. Android Headlines

Qualcomm furnishing chips as phone processors

Qualcomm has created countless processors that have ended up in a ton of AR and VR devices over these past couple of years. This time, Qualcomm has repurposed chips to work as phone processors. The Verge

VR comes to Sega and Genesis on Steam

Sega Mega Drive And Genesis Classics game collection has gotten VR Support On Steam

Instead of simply simulating a big screen in the, let’s say, PSVR’s theater mode, the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics collection is available on Steam and has official and robust VR Steam support.

You get to play these games, in a retro environment. A chance to experience pure nostalgia for a lot of us who grew up playing these games. Up Load VR

It Giants going big on VR

In the Display week 2018, the world of VR welcomed great new wonders from Google, Samsung, JDI and LG.

Google reportedly worked with LG developed display panels for VR with a mind-blowing megapixel count of 18.1 per eye display.

Samsung, LG and JDI also showcased new VR panels while Facebook, on the other hand, restrained from showing their half Dome varifocal prototype.

The panel shown by LG had 1.3 megapixels per eye on the Oculus Rift and 2.2 megapixels per eye on the HTC’s Vive Pro. Up Load VR

Google has Opened Applications for its 2018 Jump Start VR Program

They have now officially started the applications process for any participants willing to enroll in their 2018’s Jump Start VR program. This program is great platform for creators around the world, aspiring to create amazing VR films and so much more. Android Headlines

Tantalize your senses with an amazing VR experience

The VR stealth game ‘Budget Cuts’ takes on VR in a quiet an impressive manner, touching all important elements on what makes VR Great.

Budget Cuts has been here for two years. Brought to us by the Stockholm-based Neat Corporation, Now, they have released a new VR version of the same game. The initial prototype for Budget Cuts is an upcoming stealth-action game that puts you into an office space full of robots. You are given various weapons that you can throw around along with a teleporting device. You can sneak around and stalk the corridors wielding a knife and much more. The cherry on top to consider is the amazing VR experience. Road To VR

HTC reveals new developments in the field of VR, AR and 5G

In the vive ecosystem conference, HTC assured new  developments in Virtual reality ,Artificial Intelligence and 5 G.

The president of Vive china, Alvin Wang Graylin, said that the 2018 Vive Ecosystem Conference will commence on the 25th of May in Shenzhen, China. He restrained on giving any details but confirmed that there will be many new surprises in the fields of VR, AR, AI and 5G. Venture Beat

Location based Virtual Reality, expanding or vanishing?

The VRLA (Virtual Reality Los Angeles) Expo happened on May 4th and 5th, the Digital Entertainment Group’s May meeting which commenced on  May 1st and FoIL (Future of Immersive Leisure) occurred on the 16th and 17th of May , all highlighted one topic that has seemed to have lost the limelight: Location Based Virtual Reality, also abbreviated as LBVR. That brings us to the rise in numbers of VRcades previously. Convenient as supposed to Internet Cafes, VRcades became specifically popular with landlords and such lot.  Consequently they do bring great opportunities for VR-developers to cash in on, as they are cheaper than creating a VR app. Forbes

Facebook features APOLLO 11 on its Oculus Store

The APOLLO 11 VR MOBILE APP has been selected for the launch collection on OCULUS GO
The Apollo 11 is a multiple award-winning mobile VR educational experience. It was invited by Oculus to feature as part of their special promotional Oculus Go collection. Now available on the Oculus Store at a reduced price of $3.99 till August 31. Irish Tech News

A new SuperHot VR sequel on the rise

SuperHot VR, an amazing energy-packed action VR game, is getting a new VR experience for headsets. As if the game wasn’t already awesome, SuperHot makers have decided on an any early Christmas present for their fans. The lead developer, Piotr Iwanicki, confirmed in a recent interview that a new sequel to the game is on its way. Up Load VR

Virtual and Augmented reality in the Tribecca Film Festival

Virtual reality with all its glory and new developments still has a long way to go before it completely devours the world in the “expected VR charisma”.

No wonder it has garnered a lot of traction in the most unusual and unexpected place, but the potential is yet to be fulfilled. One such odd place is the film festivals.

The Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, which happened last month, featured almost three dozen virtual and augmented reality experiences and that too across three different tracks.

Among those was “virtual arcade” which is a cinematic 360-degree video screening program. It holds a variety of different interactive and cinematic projects. The Verge

Oculus GO: The headset you might be looking for

For people who still feel unhappy with the current VR headsets, The Oculus Go by Facebook might be just what you were looking for. At the time of this writing, it costs about $200, is wireless and easy to use and to top it off, is for everyone. Whether you are an Android person or an iPhone person, you can hook it up to your device and enjoy a great VR experience. It even works with Pc’s and Mac’s.

Other than the normalcy that comes with VR headsets – playing games and stuff, you get to watch TV with a far off friend. Now that is something to look forward to! Washington Post

SharePoint goes VR

With all the giants dominating the VR world, Microsoft is also running in the race by bringing the SharePoint work environment to virtual reality headsets. It is a great step forward for Microsoft to bring their business-focused software into the VR realm. The Verge

The Solo Mirage headset is on the move

Google ships a new VR headset, Lenovo Mirage Solo, created in collaboration with Lenovo. It is a combination of Daydream, the VR platform for Android ecosystem, and WorldSense, a tracking system that allows people to move freely in Virtual Reality by using the in-built cameras of their headset. At present, it costs around $399. The Verge

Game makers growing interest in Location-based virtual reality

Location-based virtual reality seems to be increasing its footprint in the market of U.S. More and more game makers seem inclined on location based VR gaming. Companies like Survios in Calif, Two bit Circus and Lindon in LA and the Void in Utah are playing quite an impressive role in providing unique LBVR (location based Virtual Reality) experiences. Techcrunch

Police force leveraging VR to fight crime

Virtual Reality to seep into the Law and enforcement department is no surprise.  The US department of Defense is successfully using Virtual reality to enhance decision making, situational awareness and emotional resilience of its counter-terrorism police officers in dangerous life threatening situations. The Conversation

WebXr: Google’s take on an Immersive web experience

In this year’s I/O conference, Google announced that “2018 will mark the true kickoff point” for the world of immersive web. Immersive web is the use of virtual and augmented reality experiences put in a browser near you.

In light of that announcement, Google revealed WebXR. A new tool that will help developers create amazing AR/VR content for the web. Some APIs are still in development, but Google has started to let the developers experience these protocols on the go. Digital Trends

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